Trampoline 10 ft


Posted on 27 June 2017 by Alice’s Garden

It might seem that trampolines are meant for children only but no, trampolines have no age limit. Here we give you five reasons why you should have a trampoline as an adult.

1. Feel like a child again

Jump, flip and laugh. Bring those childhood memories back. But now it is even better: your trampoline, your rules. You are a grown up now and there is no one to tell you what to do. It is your one time opportunity to feel like a child again. Or maybe not just one time, because now you have a trampoline in your backyard and you can use it any time you want.

2. The cool factor

Not only kids will envy you, but also all the adults in your neighborhood. Invite your old friends over and let them admire your new bestie, because that is what is going to be. Your birthday parties will not be the same anymore. Everyone will want to be your friend now – so be careful – because only V.I.P friends can use your trampoline.

3. Free your stress

It is time to relax and relieve your stress, but those Yoga classes are no longer helping you out. So let your hair down, get rid of your stress by trying to reach the sky. Trampolines are meant to release adrenaline, and that is what you need after a busy day.

4. Bye bye calories!

Perhaps it is time to change the routine. Let’s change the daily boring workout session for an exciting new one full of jumps. Play your favorite Beyoncé’s song and have some fun doing exercise. Calories will burn faster than ever and you will not even notice that you were doing exercise. Sounds good, right?

5. Boost your creativity

Think outside of the box. Trampolines are meant to jump, but what else? Get some fluffy pillows, a cozy banquet and you have the perfect spot to look at the stars – maybe you will even get to see a shooting star. Can you think about other ways to use a trampoline? Tell us, we are ready to hear your crazy ideas!

TRIPOLI Outdoor Lounge 13 Seater Wicker Grey


Posted on 17 June 2017 by Alice’s Garden

With Sydney house prices up over 10% on the previous year, you may be forgiven for considering cashing in before the market makes an inevitable correction (S&P 2018 Forecast). But as the saying goes, nothing in life is free, so what are the cost-effective steps you can take to realise the full potential value of your home today?

Add an extra bedroom, where space allows

Whilst this is probably the most expensive option in our curated list, it can also add the most value. The price difference between a three and four bedroom house in Sydney’s inner west area was as much as $300,000!

Update your kitchen/bathroom

Typically, this is where people spend most of their time, consciously or unconsciously, while they are at home so it makes sense these are the spaces you should focus most of your efforts on. The average cost of installing a fully furnished kitchen can range from $8-18,000 depending upon a number of variables, however the return on investment can be threefold if done right!

Give your façade a facelift

As the saying goes, first impressions are everything. Wow your potential buyer by touching up the driveway, landscaping the garden and/or installing a new door and letterbox.

Knock down walls!

In keeping with the millennial trend of open-plan offices, people also want to open up their homes. Not only does this create the perception of a larger living space, especially for smaller properties, it is sure-fire, cost-effective to add dollars to your final sale price.

Create an outdoor living space

It would be remiss of us at Alice’s Garden not to mention the most cost-effective way to add real value to your property. The addition of a year-round outdoor living/entertaining area transcends the conventional four-walls and offers an extension of your home to your guests. Perfect for summer pool parties or winter barbeques by the fire, our outdoor sun loungers and dining sets can help your old home sell quick, and make your new home feel like home, much quicker!

Alice's Garden - Outdoor furnitures


From Spanish roots, the patio is an outdoor space adjoining your house where you can gather to enjoy summer weather or relax anytime of the day. Spanish lifestyle gives a particular attention to this precious outdoor place of living. But no need to be Spanish to host some friendly drinks or diner in your patio! The only thing you need is actually outdoor furniture.

Designing your patio is a journey though… Should you go aluminium, wicker or wood? How many guests do you plan to host? What’s the shape of your patio and what furniture would fit best? What cushion thickness do you need to maximise your guests’ comfort? Definitely not an easy choice. That’s why modular outdoor lounges became so popular.

What’s the benefit of modular outdoor lounges for patio?

Modular lounges are made of several units to accommodate your available outdoor space and are flexible to fit your tastes. Fancy about individual seating? Why not, but this can potentially limit your design options as well as the available space in your patio whereas modular outdoor lounges are easy to customise based on your preferences and lifestyle. Design a L-shaped sofa or spread out several elements of your lounge in less than 5 minutes to create different ambiences across your patio, or even use some sofa part as foot stool. It’s all up to you!

Design and style

If you’re looking for seating with a Chic European Design, our range of Stylish Woven Grey Sofa will stand out in your patio or pool deck. Our NAPOLI or CALIGARI lounges will easily accommodate for 5 guests whereas the voluminous VENEZIA or TRIPOLI will be more appropriate for 10+ people. In addition, their aluminium frame and PE Rattan texture makes them easy-care maintenance. A plus! For smaller areas, look at our BENITO, SIENA, ASTI or MOLTES outdoor lounges. More compact, they will fit perfectly on smaller courtyard.

Having the right furniture will definitely be a plus to design up your patio, but don’t forget to live it up with colours. Why not using two sets of different fabric coulours depending on your mood or on the season? What about getting even more comfort with some pillows of flashy colours? Did you consider using rugs as another way to embellish your outdoor set up.

How does Alice’s Garden add value?

We work hand in hand with homeowners to understand your expectations. We are now sure of one thing: every patio owner surveyed has changed his lifestyle once started using outdoor sofas. Some of them turned it into a chilling lounge while others elected it as their favourite reading spot. Indeed most of the expectations were about comfort & quality.

Alice’s Garden is proud to release his new sofa lounges in Australia. Exclusively designed with first quality materials, our furniture is here to last. Already broadly used in Europe, Alice’s Garden sofas are all you can expect and even more. Don’t be be afraid of kids splitting mayonnaise on the fabrics, our sofas come with completely removal & washable fabrics. No worries either by sunny or rainy day, those outdoor sofas are UV resistant and waterproof!

Any queries, we would love to help. Feel free to reach us in the chat section or call us at 1300 827 171.