Looking For A Cheap Outdoor Lounge?

When it comes to sprucing up your home, one cannot overlook the value of a high-quality outdoor lounge. However, if you’re like many Australians, then you’ve probably found yourself rubbing your eyes over what you can expect to pay for something of quality. So, we pose the question “Does a high quality, cheap outdoor lounge really exist?”.

I’m going to answer this question by first eliminating the assumption that – a higher price equals better quality. I can assure you that in many cases, it does not. Take the Benito 5 Seat Outdoor Lounge for example, it comes boasting the quality of a lounge double its price. Its synthetic wicker is extremely durable and has been carefully selected by Alice’s Garden. Add to this package, a coffee table with 5mm toughened glass which is thicker than windows in most cars –  Now that’s a cheap outdoor lounge with value! You can check out our Benito 5 Seat Outdoor Lounge by clicking here.

Cheap Outdoor Lounge

BENITO 5 Seat Outdoor Lounge Set Wicker



But what if you’re looking for something a little bigger? For those big occasions where you really want to entertain a crowd, you can’t go past our extremely popular Tripoli 13 Seater. Go on, have a look by clicking here.. you will be impressed with the Tripoli’s light aluminium frame but still maintaining great durability in less-than-average weather conditions. The Tripoli 13 seater does have a higher price tag than the Benito, but I’m still tipping this as a cheap outdoor lounge because when you compare it to its market equivalent – it’s clear that the Tripoli becomes a bargain.

Cheap Outdoor Lounge

TRIPOLI 13 Seater Outdoor Lounge Set

“Surely lounges like this can’t maintain their quality, remaining outside all year round”. Not a bad point at all, we don’t doubt the durability of our lounges for a second – but for those who want that added peace of mind, check out or range of protective covers to ensure your lounge remains in pristine condition through the coldest of months. This is a terrific option and you can purchase as a bundle to go with your lounge.

With an extremely transparent return policy, some of the lowest prices on the market with the quality to compete with the biggest brands – why not give Alice’s Garden – the new players in the Australian Outdoor Furniture market a try? Check out our range of outdoor furniture, you may find the perfectly cheap outdoor lounge for your backyard. Our team would love to help you bring greater value to your home! You can contact us on 1300 827 171, send us an e-mail at [email protected] or you can even jump on our website and start chatting via. text during office hours. We look forward to hearing from you!

Falgos Umbrella – Stay Sun Safe This Summer!

A Falgos Umbrella is the way to go when it comes to sun safety! It’s no secret that Australia is considered to be the skin cancer capital of the world, with nearly two in every three Australians being diagnosed with the disease by the age of seventy. To say that this is an issue is somewhat of an understatement. We believe that such high prevalence is caused by two major contributing factors. 1. Australia’s particularly high levels of UV rays and 2. A lack of sun safety awareness. Whilst as a nation we can’t do much to influence the former, we can do everything to change the latter.

Wearing a hat, applying sunscreen and just generally staying out of the sun are just some of the ways in which Australians can remain sun safe, especially during the summer months (check out the cancer council shop that we’ve supported in the past!). However, staying inside on a hot summers day doesn’t exactly sound like the best way to spend the summer – definitely not the Australian dream. Instead of risking your skins health and susceptibility to skin cancer, let alone the damage from a sunburn, there is always an alternative. An outdoor Falgos umbrella are the perfect solution to this problem.

Falgos Umbrella

FALGOS 3x3m Cantilever Outdoor Umbrella

Enjoy the fresh outdoors on a sunny day with the comfort of being protected by a UV protected umbrella. A Falgos umbrella blocks 95% of Ultra Violet radiation and so ensures that you’re protected from the sun all year round, not a bad way to spend the summer! Added to this, these umbrellas are also water resistant and so are a perfect match for the extremely unpredictable Australian weather.

Let’s move towards a sun safe future!

Check out our brilliant range of umbrella’s here! As always, thank you for your interest in Alice’s Garden!