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ALPINE 4 | Square Inflatable Spa | Anthracite Grey

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The Alpine 4 inflatable spa is the perfect opportunity for some relaxing family time, as it is a hit with young and old. This spa has a range of benefits. It soothes fatigue and muscle pain. Its bubbling, 40-degree water releases tension and stimulates blood flow. This mental and physical relaxation time can improve the quality of your sleep. Alice’s Garden has teamed up with experienced, renowned jacuzzi manufacturer MSpa to offer you quality spa that meet all your needs. To ensure the highest levels of safety, each product is thoroughly tested under very strict criteria.

  • Easy assembly >> CHECK OUT VIDEO
  • Large size and square shape
  • Pump and heating built into the frame
  • Adjustable temperature up to 42°C


ALPINE 4 158x158cm Square 4-person Inflatable Spa | Anthracite Grey

The Alpine 4 Spa is sturdy and can be installed inside or outside, depending on your preferences. The inflatable part is made from Rhino-Tech 6-layer laminated PVC, which greatly reduces the risk of puncture.

Quality Outdoor Spa
The filtering system is both effective and practical, as it is removable. Although the pump is built into the wall of the hot tub for aesthetic reasons, the filtration system can be removed easily for maintenance or storage during the winter. This means it can be stored away, without having to take down the whole tub. For the greatest possible longevity, our filters are made from polypropylene, not paper. Meanwhile, the heating system is made from ceramic lined with aluminium and insulated with a polyamide layer. It can be used with total peace of mind thanks to its safety features.

Convenient The Alpine 4 jacuzzi is easy to use. You can turn on the spa and manage its temperature and other features with the buttons on the control panel. It is inflated directly through the filtration system with the hose provided. The groundsheet and insulating tarpaulin are connected and tightened by safety clips, to avoid any accidents and retain heat. Installation is easy and does not require any tools. In just 10 minutes, the spa is up and ready to be filled with water.

Included in this offer
– SPA and protective cover
– Built-in filtration system
– Repair kit
– Filter cartridge
– Insulating tarpaulin
– Groundsheet
– Hosepipe adapter
– Inflation hose
– Pressure gauge
– Instructions
– Assembly DVD You can also find this product for 6 people on this website.

Product specifications
– Warranty : Pool body (linen): 6 months – Electric parts: 1 year
– Number of people : 4
– Material : Thick, highly durable PVC lining
– Inflatable part material : Rhino-Tech 6-layer strengthened PVC outer coating
– Assembly : Required. The assembly is very easy. DVD with instructions provided.
– Filtration : 1320 litres per hour
– Overall power : 2100W (220V-240V, 50Hz)
– Blower : 600W, 108 jets of air
– Max temperature : 42°C
– Heating : 1500W 2 to 2.5°C/hour
– Water level : 50cm at the recommended level
– Cable length : 5.3m
– Inflation hose : 90cm
– Features on the pump : Screen, temperature adjustment, bubbles, heating and filtration (buttons can be locked)
– Adapter to remove water
– Groundsheet + insulating tarpaulin, with safety clips
– Repair kit included (patches)
– Maximum recommended capacity : 2 adults + 2 children

Our Spas are compliant with Australian Regulation, however please note that in some states it may be required to have the spa surrounded by safety barrier if depth of 30cm or more. It’s not Alice’s Garden responsibility to provide this safety barrier.

Additional Information
A dirty filter cartridge can contaminate the water and damage the heater. We recommend that you rinse it at least once a week. If it is still dirty and discoloured after rinsing, it should be changed. To be used under the supervision of an adult. Chemical products, such as bromine and pH items, are not included. You can find them in a specialist shop. You will find extra filters for sale on our website.

Product dimensions
Exterior dimensions : 158x158x68cm Interior dimensions : 118x118x68cm Water capacity : 650L

Packaging dimensions
1 Carton 58x40x64cm (25kg)

Additional information


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